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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. a lot of news on the herman cain smear campaign but now herman cain is fighting back with a powerful new ad. >> the national disgrace. it's a high tech lynching. >> juan williams is here with analysis of the media plot to take down the g.o.p. frontrunner. violence erupts at occupy protests across the u.s., and a reporter confronts michael moore in denver. >> you're just punk media. that's all you are. president obama and his teleprompters travel to france to save the world economy. >> what the world looks for in moments such as this is action.
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>> will anybody be listening. all of that plus lisa ling and our great, great american panel. we're on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here, right now. yet again today the talk of the political world surrounded the sexual harassment accusations that are being leveled at republican frontrunner herman cain. now, this afternoon the attorney for one of cain's accusers announced his client will not go public about the incident that allegedly took place back in 1999. >> she and her hussey no value in re -- husband see no value in revisiting the matter or discussing the matter any further, publicly or privately. in fact, it would be extremely painful to do so. mr. cain knows the specific incidents that were alleged. my client filed a written complaint in 1999 against him specifically, and it had very specific incidents in it, and if he chooses to not remember or not ang knowledge those, that's
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his issue. >> bennett also directly contradicted some of what herman cain told me on my radio program yesterday. you may recall cain was adamant that a severance package was paid to the woman and not a settlement. now, bennett was asked about cain's claim this afternoon. >> that is an inaccurate description of the settlement agreement. this was a settlement of an internal complaint of sexual harassment. it was not a severance agreement. >> now, all of this unfolded. as it was happening, cain pressed forward with his campaign, releasing a powerful video in response to the anonymous attacks that he's endured all week. let's take a look. >> what is known as the mainstream media goes for the ugliest, racial stereotypes they can to attack a black conservative. >> this is either socially i go ignorant or playing games to get
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votes. >> this is a circus. it's a national disgrace. it is a high tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves. it's a message that unless you cowto you tcowtow to an old ordl be destroyed rather than hung from a tree. >> so could a comparison being made between the clarence thomas confirmations and the way hurricanhermancain was treated . the author of the best selling book muzzled, author juan williams. >> i'll tell you before we start. i just watched that, that business with sharpton and belafonte. who is trucking in racial stereo types here? who is trying to destroy somebody? it's unbelievable that one black man would do that to another. >> i played you also this week. i played you some audio and it
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got worse. >> i heard it. >> bad apple. he's the tea party's one black friend. it gets worse from there. >> the whole idea is he's a token, he's a puppet, he's being manipulated, he's someone who is being used by white people. i mean, it's unbelievable they would deny this man his own independent intelligence, his will, his own success. it is an ou outrage. think about this. think about what happened to clarence thomas. think about what they're doing now to herman cain. the parallels are clear. i don't know you can turn away from it. >> what is it? there seems to be an acceptance that you can attack black conservatives, african-american conservatives. you can attack conservative women, you know. lately i've noticed they're going after marco rubio, hispanic conservative. why can this happen in this day
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and age? why? >> well, because it's permitted, and because people that disagree, people that leave the liberal orthodox playing field, people who want to think for themselves are immediately condemned as traitors. if someone's a traitor, of course they're a target. i can't help but think this week what we've seen with herman cain is a man as he describes it with a big target on his back, sean. can you imagine that the ap is running stories, anonymous stories by people who never file complaint but who now that herman cain -- who want to jump on the bandwagon and whip him? this is unbelievable. >> you got emotional the night that barack obama got elected. >> sure. for historical reasons. >> absolutely. i've written books about the civil rights movement. >> you have. this is what's interesting to me. there could be a possibility that we would have an america,
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an african-american elected and another black american elected back to back. >> correct. >> why would people not see that as an historical achievement as well? i totally understand why you felt that way. >> right. you know what, sean? he's not searn kind of black person. he's doesn't think in a way that fits their mold. even -- even barack obama was slow to get support from the black liberal establishment because he wasn't exactly their kind of guy, either. when you think about herman cain, he's a threat. i said this to you before, he's a threat to the black liberal establishment when he's out there saying really, are you better off than you were four years ago. when herman cain is out there saying we need to improve, things that can be done. when he starts talking about what's going on in the schools, when he's out there talking about tax reform that will benefit all americans, but it
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doesn't fit the kind of rhetoric that's being trumpeted by the liberal establishment and especially the black liberal establishment. he's not talking victimization. he's talking about empower. ment. i want to say this loud and clear. he's a model for my kids and your kids, too, sean. >> how about the g.o.p. primaries? nobody gave him a shot. >> look at the rhetoric we've heard about race, about the tea party. the tea party is not a racist movement. >> i don't think so. >> there have been instances that have concerned me, but overall they're about lower taxes, smaller government. that's what it's about. >> you've got a congressman in florida saying the conservatives in america want blacks hanging from trees. you've got the president saying republicans want dirty air, dirty water. jiewf got joe bideyou've got jos it you don't support the stimulus, rapes and murders are going up. in this case it's five days, no
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source, no direct source in the story. >> none. >> number two. the accuser said she doesn't want to talk about this case. >> this is an important development because remember, today the restaurant association said if she wants to come out, they would waive the confidentiality agreement. she then says no, she doesn't want to come out. well, wait a minute, then. what is going on here? and this business that the lawyer -- you have the lawyer saying well, that's not quite right what mr. cain said on your show. of course it is right. cain said there was an agreement. the restaurant association said he wasn't party to any agreement. >> they backed up cain's story. >> exactly. so what is he talking about? >> this lawyer is out there irresponsibly, i think, not speaking on behalf of his client, obviously. if he's not going to give the details, at some point people have to say okay. if you're not going to release it. if you're not going to tell the story and make a direct confrontation, he needs to be set free. i'll tell you why in this sentence. because if people have the demon of doubt in their mind, because
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his likability has been key to his success. >> absolutely. >> if people think oh, no, this may come out in the general campaign, then that sense it's going to hurt him and it's going to linger and people won't want to put candidate that might be vulnerable in the general campaign. >> and this is the way herman cain puts it. let herman be herman. people feel he's an authentic conservative voice in america. they don't see a flip flopper. they see a guy who stands up and makes his case and makes it emphatically with strength. they want that against barack obama. if you go begin to introduce the doubt you're talking about, you're undercutting the guy. >> but it's hanging out there now. >> and it's terrible. >> it's horrible. >> to me, it's only possible when you see a strong black conservative that is now being permission given by the black liberal establish the to go after this man in a low ball
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way. >> this has got to stop. these attacks against conservative african americans, conservative women has gotta stop. i know it's going to happen i've gotta tell you. people like you who i almost always disagree with have the courage to speak out. i give you a lot of credit. i really do. >> i think it's an outrage. >> you're going to get beaten up. >> i get beat up all the time. you say juan, you're more left than i am. >> you're way left. >> right. >> but guess what? that's not the way -- >> if it's herman cain and barack obama, you're voting for barack obama. >> i'm not sure who i'm voting for. i'm not sure how it would play out. i'll tell you this. there are a lot of black people in the country who see what herman cain has done would vote for herman cain. i think it might break apart some of the rock. >> i'll tell you. you're right. every kid can be inspired. >> that's what i'm saying. >> his father was janitor with three jobs. his mother was a maid. he grew up poor.
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he broke through so many difficult challenges in his life and succeeded, and now he may be the president one day or be running for president. >> what an awesome story. imagine you would somehow want to dmis dmish this man, call hia bad apple. every american should stand up and say no, enough. >> i agree. totally agree. good to see you, juan. >> coming up, the greek prime minister survived tonight's confidence vote in athens. we'll tell you what this means for europe and the rest of the world. first drama in the spreet streef occupy denver as film maker michael moore gets into a heated exchange with a local reporter who is trying to do his job and who is trying to do his job and remind mic fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot
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in new york, the city where it all began, top supporters of occupy wall street may be finally changing their tune. mayor michael bloc bloomberg whs an ar dent defender is now becoming critical of the protesters signing unconfirmed reports that crimes are going unreported and the perpetratorrors are running unram part. the protesters were paid a special visit yes yesterday by e other than controversial film maker michael moore. following a passionate, supportive 20 minute speech delivered to a cheering crowd of a thousand, he was confronted by a local cbs reporter who challenged him on what he's rg
9:16 pm
doing behind the scenes to help the movement. the exchange, well, it got a little testy, to say the least. >> how are you helping these people? >> because i do well. i want taxes raised on people who do well. >> how are you helping these people with your 50 million? >> i don't have $50 million. >> that's what it's rumored your worth. >> is that what you do, sell rumors? >> you're just punk media. that's all you are. you lie. you lie. you lie to people. stop lying. stop lying. >>'s the reactio. notice he's got his hand on him, he's pushing him. he's in his face. who wants michael moore in your face. >> nobody. >> but the reality is he's a multi-millionaire. why is he so embarrassed about being a millionaire. >> he's part of the one percent of the one percent. this guy is going down there inciting violence. he was inappropriate with that reporter, calling him a punk. he's not respectful whatsoever. the guy is down there trying to
9:17 pm
cover the story. if they want their demands and their specific requests that they want heard, then speak to the media in a civilized fashion. he's, in fact, encouraging them, to be perfectly honest, prebarack obama is because he's associated himself with him. that's going to be a big problem as the vines continues to escalate. >> he's using the class warfare rhetoric. >> yeah. >> all that is creating resentment, do you agree or disagree. >> i agree to some extent. michael moore is holding himself out as part of this 99%, yet he's worth millions. you heard what he said in the clip. raise my taxes, raise my taxes. i think he's dishonest because if he really believed that, he would just give over his money. he's saying raise my taxes and then i'll pay more? >> this is the amazing thing. leer jet limousine liberals like michael moore, how many times has he been on private jets and gulf streams. how many times has michael moore -- how many millions does he have? >> how is his carbon footprint? >> how are his films districtd?
9:18 pm
firms like goldman sachs and other bill wall street banks -- big wall street banks are the companies that distribute his films. so how can he stand there with a straight face and say i'm part of the 99% when he's happy to take their money and make money from them. >> it's the ultimate -- he's the ultimate hypocrite. any of the years he's been making millions he could have chikd the box to the irs and contributed money. has he done that? no. >> liberals are only generous with our money. >> i said how would you deal with this, rudy? no sleeping in the park. he commented about obama's relationship with this movement and responsibility and here's
9:19 pm
hi agrees with it. he sympathizes with it. and as it gets worse and worse, i believe this will be the millstone around barack obama's neck. that will take his presidency down. >> one of many issues resulting in the country. how irresponsible is it of a president when half the country pace no federal income taxes, half, that he goes out and says those that do pay, you know, all this money, that their selfish and they're greedy and not paying their fair share? meanwhile he's borrowing 40 cents of every dollar he's overspending. who is the greedy party here? >> i think president barack obama's biggest challenge since he became president was economics, finance, and we're seeing his lack. >> and he bombed, failed. >> his lack of sophistication, his lack of experience and lack of knowledge in this area. for him to say these things about occupy wall street, he's the president.
9:20 pm
he can get out there and say i believe in your constitutional right to assemble peacefully, but there should be nothing more than that from this president. and i think the mayor, the former mayor of new york was saying was true. this is very likely going to be the cause of the president's demise. >> real quick, i mean, he's demonizing the people, the entrepreneurs, the people trying to earn laifg. it used to be a country where we admired those who tried to do better. now in fact you're the people that are bad. they want redistribution of wealth. that's what president barack obama's message is. if you like him, reelect him. if not, show him the door. >> good to see you guys on this busy friday night. by the way, they're reporting on those crimes and it's getting more violent. i predict it will get worse and i predict obama will regret supporting him. coming up, lisa ling is here to give us a sneak peek at her brand new heart wrenching special where she investigates the side of war that's usually left unseen, but first, the
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and tonight, all eyes are on athens where just moments ago the greek government voted that it still has confidence in the republic's emballotd prime minister, but just bar barely. the results mean george papandreou gets to keep his post for now and pave the way for the passage of the biggest euro debt deal reached with the eu last week and without parliament's priefl of the deal, greece would not have received the necessary foreign aid and would have run out of money by year's end triggering a potential default which would have spelled financial disaster for the entire region and possibly even the world economy. joining me with reaction to the crucial decisions, focus from the fox business network. good to see you. it's interesting because even though they have a deal, we see what's happening in greece, the violence. as soon as they talk about austin territory anausterity anm the welfare state, people get
9:26 pm
angry. there's a lot of violence. i don't think when we get the devil in the details it won't save greece. >> the bottom line, this is a country where papandreou or whatever his name i is a socialist. it's a country without much economic growth. they're cramming down a deal on bond holders that they have to accept 50% less, half the value of their holdings. that's good because it doesn't necessarily trigger a default which would be short-term bad. the long term solution to the financial problems is growth. it's the long term solution to italy's financial problems, to spain's financial problems. if you have socialism, it ain't gonna grow. >> this is the problem. germany resents the living details out of it. when they're demanding certain austerity measures, they say why are we bailing you out? you won't even put in basic reform. as charles was pointing out, italy, spain, portugal, ireland is in bad shape right behind them. >> we have to at least move in the right direction with what you have at this time. you're not sitting here and breaking up the euro zone,
9:27 pm
right. where we are and where we stand is you've gotten -- we as americans got a piece of good news, that george papandreou moved forward, got the confidence vote. now they can put together a coalition government, they can go ahead with the aid package that has given a little ease to european banks. >> it's a bandaid. >> i agree with you. >> you don't want all these banks. >> we're putting off the inevitable. >> the country is broke. >> here's the thing. the whole continent is almost broke. i mean, what you see in europe is what we're going to be in ten or 15 years, a welfare state that's unsustainable. there's no entrepreneur i can'tl growth in this country. there's no steve jobs developing the next computer. that's the problem with their economic system. >> does that mean at some point treasuries, so called safe haven, people will be told they're getting 50 cents on the dollar. >> i don't think we'll get there because i think this country is
9:28 pm
based -- we have traditions of entrepreneurialism. thank god they can put people's feet to the fire. i don't think we'll go there. >> i'll at the time you why we might be headed in that direction. half the country does not pay taxes. they're not invested. you hear the class warfare rhetoric. america is in decline because people want the welfare state. you see the people in greece react when you pull back on the welfare state. people in this country have been promised things that are unsustainable that will be unfulfilled. >> in the end, the people in greece all agree and understand and they're very patriotic. don't forget that. they're very patriotic. >> they're like cry babies in the street. >> that's not everybody. >> a lot of people are crying because they wouldn't even have a referendum and let the people vote because they didn't think it was going to come out right. >> you can't tell greeks what to do. it actually wasn't a bad idea. >> they're going to have to
9:29 pm
accept it. >> by the way, the chinese are going to be telling them what to do. >> exactly. >> there's no way around this. sean, i'll disagree with you on this. we're having a vigorous debate about government and that's different than in greece. the welfare state was accepted in greece. >> charles, we're losing the debate. the welfare state is winning, and i'm going to tell you something. >> it's obamacare. we're still debating. >> medicare, medicaid, social security are headed for bankruptcy, and there's an entitlement philosophy out there. the other comment, less than ten years, you're contradicting yourself. >> listen, that could be us in ten years. no doubt if we keep going where we're going, that's where it's going to be, greece, but i think, listen, we're having a debate about the size of government. >> don't compare us to europe. i still feel confident in the united states of america. i mean, this is a whole different deal. >> i don't feel confident.
9:30 pm
>> you know what we're talking about. you know that elections are in 2012 and things keep turning, you know. you have the entrepreneurs. we have revenue. we generate things here. >> we're borrowing 40 cents object every dollar. we're on an unsustainablsustain. we're on a path to bankruptcy. we robbed our kids and grandkids blind already and half the country wants more, gimme, gimme, gimme. >> ask not what your country can do for you. give me more, country, i want more for free and i want that rich guy to pay it. >> we are having a debate about it. you have to admit that. >> i'm not saying it's great, but we're having a debate. >> if we don't win the debate, we're dead. america as we know it is dead. >> you want to know something? that's what the tea party is saying. >> the tea party is right. i'm a supporter. >> i'm saying that's good. i'm telling you, in europe, you have family in europe. they never had this debate. that's why they're facing what they're facing. >> you're talking about two
9:31 pm
things. you're talking about a long term situation with the united states of america and you're foreshadowing what could happen. we're talking about the news of the day which is now greece. you want these little bits and pieces on monday and tuesday and the markets don't crash. >> you don't like the bandaid because the solution to the financial problems, where they'll be back at the trough once again, stop spending. they won't do it. >> the people of greece, you see them violently saying don't take my benefits. by the way, they retire at what, 51? >> yeah. they had to move up retirement age. >> that means i'm one year and two months away from retirement if i live in greece. >> i understand. >> oh stop it, you. somebody is clapping over there. >> at least this is a bandaid now. it gives a little prelude to te other countries. >> they're all such basket cases. >> if they go under, we're all going to feel the pain. >> our banks, you now, they underwrite some of this debt. >> there's a part of me that
9:32 pm
nose we coulknows we could havee depression. charles, i'm right. >> i agree with you. at least we're having a debate in the country. i don't think we're losing. >> i love you both. >> we love you back. >> thanks. coming up, lisa ling is here examining the anguish that some of our great men and women experience when coming home from oversees. our great, great, great american panel is next. hey guys, i know i told you that head & shoulders is for more than dandruff. how it gives ma healthy scalp and great looking hair. but who used mine up? it was hines. seriously? you lying fool. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders: seven benefits, every bottle. when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test
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>> that was a clip from our america with lisa ling on the oprah winfrey network. in this sunday's episode, lisa uncovers what she calls the invisible wounds of war and joining me now to explain more about all this is lisa ling. good to see you, welcome back. >> appreciate you being here. i know all about this. we're talking about post traumatic stress. >> that's right. >> many people are suffering, correct? >> this actually might be one of the most important things i've ever done because so many men and women have been deployed on multiple tours overseas in iraq and afghanistan, and thousand and thousands of them are coming back with devastating levels of post traumatic stress disorder. i've heard so much and read so many reports about it, but i've never seen what it looks like manifested in veterans until this experience, and a couple of soldiers who had recently returned from combat opened their hearts to me in the most profound way. it was truly one of the most
9:38 pm
heartbreaking things i've ever seen, but also the most moving because i attended this wellness retreat with them, and they did things like yoga and meditation, and one might think how could that possibly help? i actually saw these veterans call their spirits back, and it gave me hope that this coul coue something that more veterans should look into. >> sean: you know, it's funny because a friend of mine put together a post tra plawct traus disorder tape. apparently he's had great success, and there's a colonel that supports it. i donate a little money and try to him him out and -- help him out and get it started. these are rules of war. we don't look at it that way. these guys come back and they're traumatized and they wake up in the middle of the night and they're sweating and in a sense, mentally they're as wounded as somebody that's been physically hurt in the war. >> the collateral damage is
9:39 pm
devastating on spouses and children. to actually see what it looks and feels like, i mean, it truly was heartbreaking, and i hope that people will watch this so they can better understand what so many thousands of our young men and women are dealing with and consider even implementing these kinds of programs in their comiewbtcommunities because it'o vital. >> sean: how widespread did you find this? your documentaries are so well done. you did a terrific one on drugs and heroin. >> that means a lot to me, sean. >> you followed people over the years. it was really well chronicled. you spent a lot of time on these documentaries that you're doing. how widespread? how much -- how many people, what percentage of people are being impacted when they get back? >> possibly hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and that's the thing. i mean, right now, these veterans are so heavily
9:40 pm
medicated so everybody's searching for what to do next, and i hope the people will just look at this option on average of 18 veterans that commit suicide a day in this country. more veterans have committed suicide once they return home to the united states than have been killed in iraq and afghanistan. as veterans and active duty military continue to come home, we're talking about a crisis of epic proportions. it affects all of us, all different kinds of anti-tremendous pressants. i recently heard about a soldier who was taking 47 pills a day. >> crazy. >> and you talk about the families. you know, what's interesting because i know you work with oprah and you're close to oprah, right? >> yes, i am. >> even though we disagree on politics and she supported suppk and i didn't. i'm not a big fan, somebody is doing a book on the religion of oprah. i forget what it's called. >> yeah. it's interesting to me. i read the road less traveled. i read the power of now and the
9:41 pm
new work. >> i sent her an e-mail to tell her that you watched the entire web series because i think it's fantastic. i'm glad you're talking about it. >> this is something everybody deals with, stress, but soldiers are working 18, 20 hours a day. bombs, you know, blowing up friends and you're dealing with wounded people and dead friends. >> and people don't understand that. they're expected to maintain normal lives once they get home. they're hypervigilant and paranoid when you're constantly preparing for something to happen. when you're in that state. it's impossible to do, and that's why so many veterans are suffering. this is an entire generation we're talking about, and we owe it to them to pay attention and recognize what they're going through and try and help. >> we don't do enough for the military in a lot of different ways, for their families. i'm glad you did this. really good to see you. it's on sunday night? >> sunday nights on own. >> let not your heart be troubled.
9:42 pm
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>> sean: and tonight on our great, great american panel, he's the ceo and chairman of insider advantage. he was bill bradley's deputy campaign manager, and a fox news cribber and he's famous actor, singer, and he launched his debut album. robert davies. how are you doing? >> davi. >> i know, that's a long island thing. sorry. davi. >> it's a little hoity-toity. >> you're in vegas. when are you doing that? >> february 23rd, 24th, 25th. >> sean: i was just out there. i'd love t to see you. >> i want that cd.
9:47 pm
>> i inscribed inside just for you. >> sinatra was a guy that -- it's not just me wanting to do an album. his music is the shakespeare of america. it's the golden age of american music, and it was done at a time when our parents and grandparents were brought together because of the co he's ifness of the music. now during this devisive time we need that. >> the one thing we can all agree on in the green room and beyond is that this album is really a hit. >> we're going to buy it. >> sean: you're ruining my friday night show here. governor palin, knockout punch. great stuff for the occupy wall street koo ks. >> they've drawn now, i believe, the wrong conclusions. they say wall street fat cats got a bailout, so now i want
9:48 pm
one, too. and the correct answer is no one is entitled to a bailout. barack obama is owned by wall street. the fat cats, as he calls them, they're his friends. they're his pals. that's where he gets his campaign donations. >> you know he's greedy? politicians. they rob our kids of 40 cents of every dollar they borrow. why don't the people stand outside 1600 pennsylvania avenue and say mr. president, stop stealing from our kids? stop robbing their futures. >> all the politicians voted for that. >> sean: excuse me. the republicans did not vote for that. >> they voted for the debt package. >> reporter: since obama's been president, four trillion in new debt. not one republican voted for it. >> they learned the first time around. >> the polling shows the public is upset. they're upset with congress and the president and they're upset with wall street.
9:49 pm
they don't understand what took place. four years has gone by, three years has gone by so quickly, it's almost a blng of the eye. the public is so upset, they don't know who to blame. the tea party's protests -- >> sean: i'm upset bailing out wall street. i'm also upset, $35 billion for these phon phony green energy companies and they have to turn the street lights off in detroit. >> nobody talks about that or goes there. the other thing is look. if this was a patient that had diabetes, my mom had diabetes, now, the doctor said to her mary, we don't want to increase your insulin. that's like our debt ceiling. let's increase the insulin continually. no. how about diet? how about watching what you're eating, scaling back? it makes common sense not to continue to raise your insulin. >> we're going to end up on a diet. i'm going to predict this special committee will never be able to come to terms and those automatic cuts are going to kick
9:50 pm
in. >> i agree with you. >> and then our defense is going to be gutted. >> well, if we could agree on one thing, somebody shoul shoule gone to jail for the dilemma the banks put us in the first place. if people were held personally accountable, some of these executives, we wouldn't be in this mess. whether you're republican or democrat, i believe you'd like to see the laws upheld and the people who caused this paying the price. >price. >> sean: freddy and fannie got us into the mess. everyone should own a home whruk afford it or not. this week freddie mac reported losses this week. they want another six billion. guess what? their scek 1keb executives gaves a bonus. >> so did the investment bankers on wall street. >> there's a guy john bryant who has a thing called operation hope. he's been on bush's financial
9:51 pm
advisory. he came the a me church in los angeles. it's financial literacy. sarah palin talked about it in her speech. there's parts of capitalism that are greedy, let's say. for instance, he wrote a book called love leadership that says let's stay with capitalism but let's find accountability in the process and not destroy it. >> i don't believe -- i believe in freedom, and if you come up, if you're steve jobs, i don't want to tell him how much he can make. then you're going to stop creating. we'll take away the incentive for people to create. i've worked for rich people in my life. i never worked for a poor person, did you? >> no. >> you? you in? >> i've worked for poor people. >> people paid you that were poor. >> people in churches are poor and they pay their ministers, yes. being an entrepreneur, i've felt poor. i'm not going to demonize poor people. when did that happen in america. >> sean: we've got to take a
9:52 pm
break. we're coming back k [ dog barks ] [ kid ] dad? who is honus...wagner? no idea. let me see that. that's a honus wagner autograph... the hall of famer? look at this ball! yeah, found that at yard sale. i thought pickles would like it. [ dog barks ] that a new car jerry? yeah... sweet, man. [ male announcer ] the audi a8. named best large luxury sedan. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> wow, you haven't heard it
9:56 pm
yet? >> sean: you just gave me the cd. >> all right. >> did you hear it or not? >> sean: wait a minute. you didn't process that? that's you? i love it. you're great actor. i had no idea you could sing like that. that's amazing. i studied opera as a kid. this is me. >> that is dead on. that's great. good for you. >> thanks a lot. >> like your clinton impression. how you doing. ben bradley, let's go to the herman cain issue. listen to these comments on top of everything else horrible that's been said about herman cain not only this week but prior to the week starting. >> what are your thoughts on the accusations against herman cain? >> i think he's got it coming to him, doesn't he? >> do you have any advice for him? >> what? >> do you have any advice for him? >> run for the roundhouse. >> do you think that -- some
9:57 pm
people are saying they're racially motivated, do you believe that? >> [bleep]. i don't believe that at all. no. i mean you can't do that in this town any more. you probably could do it 50 years ago, but you can't do it now. >> you can't do it any -- any more. in the old days you might have been able to. >> he had it coming? what's that? >> that's very mean spirited and no compassion at all. i don't care who you are, if you're left or right. an incident like that, besmirching somebody's character. >> ben bradlee is either 90 years old or there abouts. he wrote conversations with kennedy, great books. he's lot of in that era. herman cain is at 30%, romney and gingrich are tied. hasn't hurt herman cain bait and he doesn't care what ben bradlee thinks. >> they're statistically tied. >> newt has come into a solid
9:58 pm
third place. he it seems every debate goes up 2 or 3 points. >> likability is going up. >> sean: if he's going up to 14 or 15%, he's a player, he's in this. >> sean, i think this is going to be a three-person race. in the end it will be herman cain, mitt romney, and newt gingrich. watch him carefully. newt is winning people over. >> everybody says, and i think they're right. i think he's the smartest guy. what has helped people back up to this point? >> the think for romney for me is romney doesn't have a wound. every hero has a wound. herman cain, you look at him, there's a wound in there. you see newt gingrich, there's a wound. that's their re relatability. joseph campbell talks about that. >> sean: i've seen more passion in this cycle than the last cycle of romney. >> but not the passion. i thought he debated very well. >> he has, but there's a different thing, sean. there's something that
9:59 pm
translates to the james joyce, not to get philosophical, the uncre 8d conscience o8duncreat . >> who would you most fear as deament to go against obama. >> it's not fear. the one i think who is the most formidable candidate is romney. the problem is is that 70 to 75% of the party at this point can't get behind him. >> sean: there's nine people in the race. he's been at 25, 30% the whole way. >> i'm saying if you can't break away from this field now, when will you. >> let me make another point. we look at all these national polls. they mean nothing now. iowa, new hampshire, whatever. we've gotta remember that. at this time in the process last time it was rudy, it was fred thompson, and mccain. >> it does mean something in this regard. it means something because the dates for


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